About The Fuddles

Pictured: Dee, Scotty and Jay Fuddles - Photo by Heather Pollock

Pictured: Dee, Scotty and Jay Fuddles – Photo by Heather Pollock

The Fuddles are a trio of veteran musicians and entertainers who bring their varied backgrounds—from stages to studios to clowning—to make music for the whole family.

The Fuddles came to be when Scott Kaija, also known as Hiccup the Clown, was inspired to fuse his two artistic worlds: indie rock and children’s entertaining. Kaija recruited close friends and fellow musicians Daniel Brooks and John Hunter. Together they combine their creative energies and unique perspectives to make a musical potluck—or a “fuddle”—of silly songs about sharing and kindness. Each band member has a defined character, look, and stage name: Scotty, Dee and Jay.

The Fuddles explore diverse Canadian experiences with simple, down-to-earth songwriting and irresistible guitar and vocal melodies. With a focus on preschool and grade school children of all backgrounds, they craft messages about ways to live harmoniously in the world, using a lighthearted approach.

Kaija, Brooks, and Hunter mix influences from iconic pop and rock eras, with musical chops honed for decades as members of Canadian indie bands controller.controller, Frontier Index and others.


TORONTO, ON: Major/Minor Festival, May 12
GRAVENHURST, ON: Sawdust City Music Festival, Aug 5
HAMILTON, ON: Supercrawl Festival, Sept 16

TORONTO, ON: Field Trip Festival, Jun 3
LONDON, ON: Home County Music Festival, Jul 16
STRATFORD, ON: Kiwanis Garlic Festival, Sep 10


About The Songs

1. My Best Friend Is a Clown – A simple idea that everyone has an inner clown or innate silliness, whether you think so or not. Often, you might not expect if from a particular person but then those are the best surprises. A true clown can really be anyone! Not only should fun be celebrated but the word clown, itself be embraced and come to represent the best that we have to offer each other, like selflessness, generosity of spirit, silliness and a love for life!

2. Dance a Little Dance – The Fuddles want to celebrate the joy of dancing and when you’re young, it’s the best time to express yourself through movement. We came up with some simple, repetitive steps that anyone can do but think of them as just a starting point for whatever moves the music inspires you to make.

3. Gobbledygook – Words are awesome. Not only is it fun to learn new ones but it’s also fun to say certain words, even if you don’t know what they mean, exactly! Gobbledygook is the ultimate word about nonsense and is fun to sing and represents the silliness and irreverence that is the heart of The Fuddles.

4. Splish Splash, Squish Squash – As the song simply states, sometimes the best adventures are had, outside. It’s not always going to be a perfectly balmy day but even if the weather isn’t the best, you can still find some fun, whether it be jumping in puddles or dancing in the rain.

5. The Nature Song – This is our pure ode to the majesty of nature. From a simple bird song, to the forests, lakes and mountains that make up this country, we are surrounded by beauty. This song was originally written in 1999 for a group of grade-school students learning about the environment in Tillsonburg, Ontario when Jay Fuddles was working as a youth arts councilor.

6. What Do You Want For Lunch? – This song was inspired during a summer spent babysitting nieces and being responsible for making sure they had a healthy lunch. It seemed to be a recurring motif, the daily sleuthing and coaxing required finding a suitable meal that would be happily devoured.

7. All I See Are Colours – Everywhere you look, there are colours everywhere. We like the idea of taking the time to note some of the many different ones that we may encounter in any activity throughout the day. It’s also fun to discover new colours that exist outside the standard sections of a rainbow!

8. Me Me, Mine Mine, Gimme Gimme Gimme – The Fuddles want to promote kindness and sharing with a light-hearted approach. Using a simple refrain, we hope to teach about the importance of community and how fun selflessness can be.

9. Get Ready, I Have Questions – Asking questions is the quickest way of learning and it always demonstrates a zest for life and a thirst for knowledge that we want to celebrate and honour. The Fuddles love to learn and hope they can inspire their listeners to ask as many questions as possible!

10. I Really, Really Love Canada – The Fuddles are proud Canadians and recognize the many wonderful people and places that make their country so unique and special. The diversity and geography that make up this great nation are easy to sing about and we hope by doing so, we can help inspire our listeners to learn a simple fact or two about makes Canada so great.

11. Warm and Fuzzies – A simple ode to sleeping, comfy beds and pajamas. Bedtimes can be difficult for both children and parents so we wanted to champion the best aspects of getting ready for sleep by singing about dream adventures and the coziness of a good night’s rest.